Bozatli Textile, which started to manufacture carpets in 1981, was founded by Mustafa Bozatlı in 1965. Our company, which was established to make kilim production 46 years ago, started manufacturing carpets in the following years and then finishing carpet finishing works. Our company, which has been continuing since 1993 as Bozatli Textile Carpet Industry and Trade Company, started to manufacture in semi-electronic machines in 2000's years.

In the last quarter of 2008, we started trial production of the wall to wall carpet of tufting which is the first in Gaziantep. In 2009, we started production of the wall to wall carpet with the brand name of Gaziflex. Our quality and innovative line reflected in all of our products, wall to wall carpet continued to exist, and Gaziflex was the name of quality in its field.


• Responding to consumer expectations from all walks of life by keeping customer satisfaction on the front plan
• Meeting these expectations; Do not sacrifice quality with modern technology usedMeeting these expectations; Do not sacrifice quality with modern technology used , comfortable, comfortable, aesthetic and functional in accordance with the quality of the prices, to provide the convenience of payment to the consumers' budget, produce environmentally friendly materials that do not harm the environment and provide all kinds of pre-sales and after-sales services related to these products
• Providing quality products and services that exceed customer expectations by adopting continuous improvement principle
• Adopting and implementing modern management systems
A company that closely follows and implements technological developments, constantly creates originality for product development, follows a contemporary human resources policy, The organization which aims at integrating with its employees, customers and suppliers has the international quality standard and the image which is in the social dimension organization activities that may be useful, to be a company that contributes to the world and country economy.
• To strictly abide by laws and legal regulations
• To take pride in business ethics
• To adhere to transparency principles in working life
• To value humanity
•Work hard